Broiler farm audit & training in West and Central Java

West and Central Java

Indonesian partners
Hartono Broiler Farms
Amanah Mitra Sejahtera

Dutch partners
Van Eck Industrial Hygiene
Hendrix Genetics
Pas Reform


  1. Audit operations of broiler farmers:
    • Animal health conditions;
    • Animal diseases;
    • Disinfection methods &biosecurity;
    • Medication usage.
  2. Formulate scenarios to improve operations & provide insight in the potential relevant investments.
  3. Provide onsite training (2×5 days) to the staff of the selected poultry farms.
  4. Monitor results during project.
  5. Share best practices within the Indonesian poultry sector by involving GPPU.

Please find a visual summary of the Broiler Farm Audit & Training West And Central Java (September 2014).